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Welcome To Lawn Club Version 2.0

Posted by Steve ,
28 July 2014 · 3,337 views

lawn club lawn forum lawn contractor garden forum lawn care industry news
Hi everyone, I've set up this channel for Lawn Club as a way to show our all new Suppliers Channels off to prospective suppliers of the lawn and garden care industries who may be interested in setting up their own account on Lawn Club.

Industry Suppliers can add news of their latest products, get feedback from members and customers in the professional lawn and garden industries, link back to their own promotional pages at their own sites, add a direct feed from their own company blogs and much more.

Suppliers on Lawn Club can add, edit and remove their own posts on our News Channels and Forums whenever they wish. They are also provided full moderation control over comments in their news channels as well as on any topic they start on the forum. And at the end of the day, if Lawn Club is not for you, then feel free to leave at any time, without hassle.

News Channels are free for suppliers, and there will never be any charge.

To set up your news channel, simply register at Lawn Club as a member, and then Private Message me to ask for your account to be upgraded to "Supplier".

We do have some restrictions who can use this service, and I would recommend reading the appropriate guides regarding these restrictions before asking to have your account converted by Admin.

Posted 28 July 2014 · 3,337 views

Suppliers can fully moderate comments made by members, restrict comments, or require approval prior to publishing comments. We've allowed this so that suppliers can feel confident using our services, while also protecting their brand integrity.


However, if you feel like you may not be able to provide feedback for our members on your posts, or if you're going to be too heavy handed with moderation and critique, then it may be wisest to consider whether Lawn Club is an appropriate resource for your business.

All new posts to the a Suppliers Channel are first saved as a "Draft" for the Channel owner's review. After reviewing your draft, click on the "Options" button on the top right of your post, and then click the "Publish" button.


All posts can be modified or taken offline by the channel owner at any time. All industry suppliers have total control over their news channels.

As we launch our all new Lawn Club, the site will still be in a beta mode, where further reviews to site design and structure will continue to take place as we settle into our all new home. Continue to expect changes to our Supplier News Channel pages, as well as across the rest of the site as we continue to improve the site.


Comments and suggestions are always welcomed on how we can make Lawn Club a better site for both contractors and suppliers.

I recommend all suppliers to ensure they have their own profile pictures updated, and preferably using a relevant business logo as a means of quickly identifying yourself and your business as authentic to the contractors in the industry who visit our site.


The use of company logos as profile images is envisaged to promote far greater success in all areas of your use of this site and the promotion of your products and services to the professional lawn and garden care industries.

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