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All In One App

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All In One App

This has probably been asked before no doubt, but we are growing remarkably and find we are sitting down using keep it easy accounting software after each day and it burns up so much time to send invoices. Ther HAS to be an easier way. 

I saw Quickbooks appears to be quite on track with what we MAY be after.


Basically is there any software/app that does the following:


Customers details all pre loaded and saved.


Rock up at the job - Complete Mow, Trim, blower vac, posion


Go back to the car after packed up. Grab the mobile phone and use an app that you have a pre recorded list of services provided: Tick box the services provided and it automatically adds the price and total for that particualr customer, (Because all customers have different rates)


Your start time and finish time is recorded and u click send and it emails the invoice from your phone.


Also integrated within this app a scheduling software which is automatically rescheduled the next yard service. 


Expenses such as fuel, you can photo the receipt add the expense and it stores ready for tax time.


Is this too much to ask of an app or should I invest some money into creating one and selling it? That sounds a bit too hard but you get my drift!




Posted 21 February 2018 - 08:05 PM


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All In One App

Sounds pretty close to Quickbooks. Does everything you are asking apart from scheduling. It may actually be in there but I dont require it so haven't looked.


I need to load my customers into it obviously but then after that I can quote and invoice and receipt their payments all from my phone or laptop if I prefer. Keeps plenty of data on P&L, expenses, overdue invoices...everything. Personally I love it. Has a great interface and is user friendly. And its cheap compared to XERO and others.


My advice would be to hire a bookkeeper for a few mths and get them to slowly coach you through it...well worth it. At BAS time I dont lift a finger, my bookkeeper logs into my account and sorts it out. I do have to reconcile each mth though. There is still work involved in it but if you have firm regulars you can set up recurring invoices. 

Posted 23 February 2018 - 07:39 PM



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All In One App

Hi Guys,


There are very few solutions in the market that will do both operations and the accounting side of your business.


That said, there are heaps of operations solutions that will connect directly to the popular accounting software to give you a complete solution.


The operation software can automate the admin surrounding the work your doing.

  • Load client and job details on site
  • Automatic rescheduling of your repeat work
  • Pre-created templates of everything you charge each client
  • Create invoices on site
  • Take Payment
  • etc.

The great place to find these solutions is on the accounting websites, so you know they integrate. Here are the Quickbooks, Xero and MYOB add-on listings. I would recommend trying a bunch out to see if you like them, just start a trial and play around with them.


Switching your business over to an online system will take a fair bit of work and you may want to pay for someone to help you through. Once your up and running though you'll spend much less time on the admin side of your business and should see improvements in cashflow.




Posted 13 March 2018 - 09:06 PM



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All In One App

Hi All,


Not that it the answer the entire question, but, WAVE accounting is a free accounting package online. I assume it would be very similar to those previously mentioned.


I has a learning curve for sure but has advantages. They have 2 apps available also to make things a bit easier.


WAVE INVOICE - as it sounds, you can create and send invoices on the move. As well as add new customers etc as well.


WAVE RECEIPT - Allows you to take photos of your receipts via your phone. OCR software scans the photo and pre-fills details which you need to verify then adds it to your expenses. Much easier than keep the paper copies and adding manually.


I also played around with google tools to do the operations stuff scheduling etc. with moderate success. I stayed with a good old diary after blowing off KIE.


Just thought i throw in my experience.




Posted 14 May 2018 - 11:00 PM

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