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About Us

My name is Amy and I work for Ozbreed, who recently took over the hosting of the Lawn Club. I will try my best to help keep the site ticking over like the old owners. I am looking forward to helping this site run smoothly. I am a newbie to the lawn industry but have some great people I work with who have a wealth of knowledge. Changes will be very light. The site will be for members. I want to to keep this more about maintaining good lawns than marketing turf, so don't fear, it will not become an advertising site. Keep the questions and input coming guys, a forum like this doesn’t run without its members, so I want your help to keep this site going strong.

About Ozbreed
Ozbreed Pty Ltd is a plant and turf breeding company, which licenses plants and turf to growers across Australia, and other parts of the world. For this website our definition of the ‘independent aussie lawn and garden contractors community’ is based on the fact that Ozbreed is independent to the lawn and garden maintenance contractor industry, as it is not involved in that field. For full disclosure, Ozbreed is in the Business of marketing live plants and turf, and some lawn and garden care products. Ozbreed does market some of its green life and care products on this site. Ozbreed provides this site for the aussie lawn and garden contractors community to use as a forum and information site. Ozbreed will continue to run the site mainly as handed over from the previous owner. In 2017/18 we plan to make improvements, and will consult with members at that time for ideas of how to improve the site.

Cheers Amy

for aussie contractors
LAWN CLUB is an independent australian lawn mowing and gardening contractors community. Our site is free to join and use for all members of the green industry,
and always will be. We are independently owned by a fellow lawn care professional, with the sole intention of LAWN CLUB that all lawn mowing contractors and
gardening contractors can learn from each other, chat with mates, & to freely ask or help each other in the running of our successful lawn care businesses.
Lawn Club community and lawn forum and business tips for lawn mowing contractors, gardening contractors, and lawn care business owners

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