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This article in presents our Disclaimer and Exemption from Liability.

Lawn Club is an independent lawn care and gardening community website.

Lawn Club is owned by Ozbreed Pty Ltd, but remains a community website for independent Australian lawn and gardening contractors.

Unless otherwise stated, all articles and concepts on Lawn Club are original. If you see concepts or phrases on some grass company websites which resemble anything on Lawn Club, be assured that these things were originally created or written for Lawn Club, by myself.

We may at some time accept paid advertising on Lawn Club.

Should this occur, we will ensure that all advertisements are clearly labelled as advertisements.

As our advertisers are informed, and respect, we will never alter articles in favour of advertisers.

Potential advertisers who do not respect this integrity, will not be invited to advertise on Lawn Club.

Some articles or ideas presented on Lawn Club are based on opinion. Opinion which is my own, opinion which is independent, and opinion which is based on my own on-the-ground experience in the lawn care industry.

Some articles on Lawn Club may refer to facts in independent research. As anybody who has read research papers knows, they are dry and often very difficult to translate into everyday language and understanding of the concepts and findings presented.

I have endeavoured to decipher these to my greatest ability, often spending hours reading just to ensure I have the most accurate results to present in an easy to understand manner, and to ensure that no mistakes have been made.

However, I am human, if I have made any mistake in deciphering these papers, the mistake would have been completely unintentional. If you have the same research papers and are sure there is a correction to be made, please contact me and outline any information which you believe requires alteration.

All information presented on Lawn Club is provided with the greatest intention of accuracy.

However, not all lawn care advice or related business thoughts will be suitable for all contractors, regions, or business models.

Neither can we monitor or guarantee how anybody puts any information found on Lawn Club into practice.

Lawn Club is intended as a general lawn care information and contractors community only.

We accept no liability as to how people use the information on , nor if they experience detrimental lawn results by practicing the advice given on this website, nor if they misinterpret anything which has been written. You, as a reader, visitor or member of Lawn Club, agree to fully indemnify and to forever never to hold Lawn Club, its owners, its authors, and its advertisers accountable in any way or in any form for any type of perceived or actual disadvantage, including financial loss, personal harm or any other type of disadvantage which may arise from the readers own actions which may be taken on their own behalf after reading any content on this website.

Please assure that all advice presented on Lawn Club is taken solely as thoughts, ideas and opinions, and nothing more.

We do not claim to know everything, we will get things wrong occasionally, and our ideas may be different from your own trusted ideas or techniques of success.

All advice or articles on Lawn Club should be considered nothing more than "food for thought".

for aussie contractors
LAWN CLUB is an independent australian lawn mowing and gardening contractors community. Our site is free to join and use for all members of the green industry,
and always will be. We are independently owned by a fellow lawn care professional, with the sole intention of LAWN CLUB that all lawn mowing contractors and
gardening contractors can learn from each other, chat with mates, & to freely ask or help each other in the running of our successful lawn care businesses.
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