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  • posted by Ozbreed - May 31 2016 11:23 AM
    Ozbreed's Photo
    Zoysia grasses are quickly gaining popularity in Queensland and subtropical regions. Their drought and humidity tolerance makes them an excellent choice, but one of the things that makes Zoysia stand above...
  • posted by Ozbreed - May 31 2016 11:20 AM
    Ozbreed's Photo
    You may think that choosing plants to border your lawn is easy, but there are some many variables to consider before choosing plants. Height, spread and colour are just a few things to deliberate, but this...
  • posted by Ozbreed - May 31 2016 11:19 AM
    Ozbreed's Photo
    Queensland can have some very extreme conditions for landscape plantings, wet, dry and high humidity can cause problems for a lot of plant species. Lomandras are a notoriously tough plant, but not every lom...

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:: Australia's Ultimate Buffalo Grass Review
Discover the true ratings and attributes of Australia's popular buffalo grass brands. Honest and unbiased reviews based on scientific research reveals Australia's best buffalo grasses.

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Benefits Of A Supplier Account

Suppliers to the Australian professional lawn mowing, lawn care and garden care industries share their products, news and sales, as well as get feedback directly from their customers on their own exclusive Industry Supplier News Channel on Lawn Club



Tell us about your business and products


Share upcoming sales, offers and promotions


Share latest news of new products and updates


Tell your customers where we can find you


Get feedback directly from industry customers
Suppliers of equipment and other products or services for use within the professional lawn mowing, lawn care and garden care industries are invited to register for an exclusive Suppliers Account on Lawn Club. A Suppliers Account provides for additional and unique features on Lawn Club which are specially tailored for suppliers to bring their business and their products right to the front and centre of their targeted audience, which are the professional contractors within the lawn care, lawn mowing, and gardening industries around Australia. In turn, what the supplier brings to share with contractors - the contractors themselves will benefit from by being kept up to date with the latest news, offers and trends in their industry, as well as providing valuable feedback to suppliers from their core clientele. Its a win - win for everyone.

The main feature for Industry Suppliers on Lawn Club is our Supplier News Channels. The Industry News section acts exactly as a blog, whereby the poster (the supplier) logs onto Lawn Club and posts their latest news in relation to their business or product which would be of interest to contractors. Posts are then displayed according to date created - just like a blog - with all posts being kept inline with the date posted and thereby also with greatest relevance to the reader to quickly see when posts have been made and if any offers or news may still be valid.

Only verified Suppliers have access to create their own supplier news channel for their business, and to then create posts for their Business Channel. This unique business channel name would be the name of the company creating the account. Example: the unique channel name for a Husqvarna account would be called "Husqvarna" or an even better name would be "The Husqvarna Channel" - and no other business or person could post any entries into this channel except the channel owners - which in this example would be representatives for "Husqvarna".

Each business that registers for a Supplier Account will have their own unique News Channel.

Only Suppliers can create their own News Channel, this option is not available to members.

Registering for a Supplier Account allows the business to utilise their own participation on Lawn Club exactly as they wish. To post and participate as they so wish to.

1. to create your own unique news channel, and to add news and offers - or not to
2. to participate in forum discussions relating to your product - or not to

A Supplier Account does not have any participation requirements, all contributions to Lawn Club are solely at the discretion of the Supplier.

Suppliers always have total control over all of their content and membership on Lawn Club.
Its your account and you're always in total control.

1. Register or delete your account any time
2. Post to your Industry News Channel at any time
3. Choose whether or not to enable comments on your News Channels
4. Moderate, delete posts or comments from your Channels Topics

You have full control over your account at all times, as well as full moderation over the content you publish on Lawn Club, and if you ever decided to leave Lawn Club - you can leave any time, while also removing all content you've contributed to Lawn Club - if you so wish.

Your business, and your business reputation are always fully in your own hands, and you will always have full control over your account at all times.

Our Supplier News Channels are a wonderful way to share your important news and offers directly with your customers in the lawn mowing, lawn care and gardening industries. But past this direct marketing, a Supplier can also add a link back to their main website page which is displaying the full news story, which is of course great for SEO for your business website, as well as providing visitors and members of Lawn Club the opportunity to directly link back to your website to see the full terms and conditions or other important information relating to your product offers or news.

With the addition of the special and unique privileges of supplier accounts, also comes the expectation of responsibility of all suppliers to act with proper conduct and wisdom at all times, in all areas of their participation on Lawn Club.

- Please don't flood us with junk posts that are of no interest to contractors
- Please respect all our members at all times
- Please be careful that your posts contain proper spelling and grammar
- Please moderate comments to your news channels with careful thought

How To Join Lawn Club As A Supplier
promote your business, products, events and news with contractors
Joining Lawn Club as a Supplier is very simple...
1. Be sure you're business qualifies for a supplier account
2. Register as any other member would
3. Private Message me (Amy) and ask to have your account upgraded to Supplier

Once you're account has been upgraded to a Supplier account...
1. Your account name will now be a BLUE colour, differentiating you as a Supplier
2. Your profile page will now show a tab for your News Channels
3. When you go to the Supplier News Pages, you'll see an option to create your own Supplier News Channel - click the button, and you're on your way to your own News Channel, adjust your options for your channel, post your content, and thats it.

Update your profile picture...
Lawn Care Business
TIP ~ it is strongly recommended you upload your company logo as your personal profile picture. This way, whenever your news is displayed across the pages of our site, your brand will be instantly recognisable by our members and visitors, and thus your News Channels will garner a far larger number of visitors !!

Welcome to Lawn Club !!

Start here... register...

for aussie contractors
LAWN CLUB is an independent australian lawn mowing and gardening contractors community. Our site is free to join and use for all members of the green industry,
and always will be. We are independently owned by a fellow lawn care professional, with the sole intention of LAWN CLUB that all lawn mowing contractors and
gardening contractors can learn from each other, chat with mates, & to freely ask or help each other in the running of our successful lawn care businesses.
Lawn Club community and lawn forum and business tips for lawn mowing contractors, gardening contractors, and lawn care business owners

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