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hi to all, thinking of a startup, been here before but login got booted
Posted 20 April 2019 - 03:06 PM


    3 of us

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Welcome back Wazza,


I'll reiterate some of the important bits for start-ups/newbies


•Purchase/acquire just the basics you need to get started until you settle your client/job/regional requirements (never pre-empt and think 'I just might need one of those soon and if I had one I could get more/better paying work') when you realise that you really do need Widget XYZ for whatever reason - start shopping then, get the jobs first, then buy the right tool for the jobs you have.


•Get pro grade quality gear the first time (pro gear is not expensive, lasts a lot longer & usually works out a lot cheaper) 


•You usually don't save money buying cheap equipment

  - Quality tools are not expensive, but cheap tools usually are.


•Idle tools make no $$ and if you have a ute/trailer full of them they are just depreciating/wearing out and although it looks good they are just adding to your fuel bill.


•Close to home or each other are the cream jobs, travel cost time and money. 


Dive in, good luck and our best wishes.



Posted 20 April 2019 - 05:13 PM

retired last week and I'm bored already!

for aussie contractors
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