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The Rules

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The Rules

1. Keep to relevant areas, topics and threads of discussion

2. Uncivil conduct will not tolerated

3. No name calling or flaming

4. No spamming on the forum or to members via PM

5. Respect others privacy, safety, peace and quiet enjoyment

6. No untoward use of the board, contents and function for any other personal or commercial means

7. The trust and nature of this board must be respected, that we are a Community Lawn and Garden Forum for the enjoyment of any person who wishes to participate, and that no member has greater right of use of this forum than another

8. No disrespect towards women. No discussion, images or links which disrespects or denigrates women in any way. This includes inappropriate avatars, bikini shots, as well as links to websites which outlink to #### / pua / lingerie perv sites etc
~ time to respect our wives, sisters, mothers and daughters again

9. No disrespect towards other lawn sites, each to his own and respect towards our fellow contractors at all times


10. Members should not directly PM Suppliers - unless invited to do so


10. Suppliers should not directly PM Members - unless invited to do so


11. Use of Lawn Club requires the acceptance of the Lawn Club Terms Of Use


These rules are subject to change without notice

Posted 12 April 2012 - 07:24 PM

Lawn Club is owned, hosted, managed, and all forum posts are moderated by and approved by Ozbreed.

I have absolutely no association with this website or its forum.


Lawn Club, The Lawn Guide, Buffalo Lawn Care and Lawn Care Advice websites, and all content therein is the sole property of the Ozbreed turf company; ALL CONTENT therein represents the opinions and advice of Ozbreed exclusively, and not my own. I have absolutely no association whatsoever with any of these websites! Lawn Club admin inquiries should be directed to the site admin or to the website owners. The advice presented on Lawn Club for lawn and garden business owners represents the views and advice of Ozbreed exclusively, and not my own. All inquiries regarding any of these websites should be directed to the website & content owners. Absolutely no endorsements are granted to these sites, or to their owners, or to any content published therein. NO CONTENT IS PUBLISHED ON ANY OF THESE SITES ON MY BEHALF OR WHICH REPRESENTS MY OPINIONS IN ANY WAY. No licenses granted. No rights reserved........ WEBSITE DISCLAIMER.

for aussie contractors
LAWN CLUB is an independent australian lawn mowing and gardening contractors community. Our site is free to join and use for all members of the green industry,
and always will be. We are independently owned by a fellow lawn care professional, with the sole intention of LAWN CLUB that all lawn mowing contractors and
gardening contractors can learn from each other, chat with mates, & to freely ask or help each other in the running of our successful lawn care businesses.
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